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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Top 5 Facebook Tricks and secrets needs to know to be professional in Facebook

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Here is some Facebook Tricks for you guys, Hope you will enjoy this. This is a lot special to me, because I worked really very hard in busy schedule to make this out. 
So, this features the top 6 working face book tricks. 

The tricks are:

1. See "Hidden pictures" of any person on face book even if he/she is your friend or not. Lets try, You     just need to install chrome tool “I can see you” By installing that you have permission to see               hidden pictures of anyone and their comments on pictures and which picture that person liked.

2. See who unfriend you on Facebook you just need to install chrome extension “Unfriend notify for       Facebook”

By using this tool you can see who unfriend you on Facebook.

3. Make face book secure by changing setting of your face book account you can completely

    secure your face book account.

4. to use mirror on your language.

5. To see who is visiting your profile you need to right click on your face book page
     then click on “view page source” than find “InitialChatFriendsList” after that you can see easily

6. You can temporarily change you likes and comments You simply have to right click on your likes        go to inspect elements and change likes So those are all the tricks which I found interesting and          hence put them in the . So what was your favorite trick?? Comment below.
     Do you know any other face book trick?? Do comment below!!

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