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Sunday, 31 July 2016

How to do Funny prank name change on facebook

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Facebook is spot where we share every last, everyday occurrence with our companions, family in talk or notices. Facebook is the greatest online networking webpage with a huge number of every day clients since it has a large number of various components which make Facebook astonishing. So Developers continue attempting to discover bugs to make Facebook traps and interesting tricks. We have officially posted few stunning traps like View Locked Facebook profile pictures and some more. In any case, Some of them are simply spam which may prompt trade off your record. Hence, we generally recommend every last client to utilize traps which are just given by acclaimed websites. Continuously attempt them on Testing account first then on unique ID. Presently here we are going offer another astounding trap to make single name on Facebook account. According to control it is unrealistic to Make account on Facebook without Last name. In any case, on the off chance that you need to make your Facebook profile with First name without utilizing last name then just take after my given strides.

How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account. ?

To make this article more basic, we have isolate this article into two sections so it will turn out to be straightforward. In initial segment we will change our intermediary settings for program and in second part we make Facebook single name record. So take after both parts orderly painstakingly

Section 1:- Proxy Settings For Browser.

On the off chance that Your are not ready to include intermediary settings and confronting any issue then i prescribe to download Hola Better Internet VPN.

Introduce Hola Extension in Firefox or Chrome and after that turn ON Hola and seek and select Country Indonesia.

It will naturally Implement intermediary settings on your program so you don't have to include intermediaries physically.

On the other hand

Above all else to utilize single name on Facebook. We have to Add manual intermediary settings in our program. So we have to utilize Indonesian intermediary Search it at Google or i prescribe to discover it from or whatever other site of your decision.

In the event that you know about Using intermediary settings in program then its great. On the off chance that you don't know how to add intermediary then read How To Add Proxy Settings in Browser.

Section 2:- Settings To Make Single Facebook Account.

Subsequent to doing intermediary settings physically or by utilizing Hola augmentation ensure it is working fine on Facebook.

Presently its opportunity to make single name-account.

Open your Facebook Account Settings.

Change your dialect to Bahasa Indonesia.

At that point alter your current Facebook profile name and Simply evacuate Your Last Name. After that audit your name and Save it.

After that your Facebook Account is just utilizing First Name and you will see that Last Name Hide.

On Completing all strides, Remove Manual Proxy or Turn off Hola and change your dialect back to English (US) or other as indicated by you.


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