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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

What is Pinterest? How to Use it for Blog? in Urdu


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What is Pinterest? How to Use it for Blog? in Urdu

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What Is Pinterest?

 "Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas."
Pinterest is an online pin board, a visual interpretation of the social bookmarking webpage. Not at all like other social bookmarking destinations, for example, Digg and StumbleUpon, is content shared on Pinterest driven altogether by visuals. Truth be told, you can't share something on Pinterest unless a picture is included.

Like each other online networking website, Pinterest has its own particular dialect:

When you share something on Pinterest, every bookmark is known as a pin.

When you share another person's pin on Pinterest, it's known as a repin.

You gather sticks together by theme onto different sheets or pin boards in your profile. Every board copies a genuine pin board.

You can share pictures you discover on the web, or you can specifically transfer pictures onto Pinterest. Utilizing the Pin It catch, you can share straightforwardly in your program from any page. You can likewise share your pins on Twitter and Facebook.

The first occasion when you visit Pinterest, you may see promptly that it's a stylishly satisfying site. You can perceive the amount it depends on outwardly shocking photographs. The second thing you may notice is that you can't join without a welcome. Probably, the site will in the end get to be interested openly enlistments, yet it's as of now in welcome just mode.

You don't need to have a Pinterest record to check out the spot, however. In the event that you drift over the word everything comfortable top of the screen, a pop-up box will give you connections to things individuals have stuck in different classes, from Architecture to Humor to Weddings and Events.

What are Pins?


Pins are visual bookmarks. Each Pin you see on Pinterest links back to the site it came from, so you can learn more—like how to make it or where to buy it. 

Save things you want to come back to later


You can spare anything you find around the web by adding the Pinterest program catch to the program you utilize most.

Alternately have a go at looking through Pinterest to see what other individuals have found. In the event that you find a Pin that looks intriguing, simply spare it for yourself.

Suppose you're on Pinterest and locate a delicate pretzel formula that searches ideal for one month from now's Big Game potluck. Spare it to your Grub board (sheets are the place you gather your Pins—more on that in the following area!) so you can discover it when you're prepared to heat.

At the point when the Big Game weekend moves around, simply do a reversal to your Pin and it'll take you to the site with the formula.

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