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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Learn Creating Blog Labeling Dashboard Functions and Designing


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This course is taken from Mustfun4you after their permission..(::)

Class Number 2

Learn Creating Blog La belling Dashboard Functions and Designing

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This video covers topics as follows, How to create a blog? How to Label or categorize Posts in Blogger? What are the functions of blogger dashboard or interface? and How to design a blog within blogger's own provides templates. 
The video training is in Urdu and Hindi Language which is best for Pakistani and Indians.

 Learn Creating Blog Labeling Dashboard Functions and Designing Step by Step

Create a new blog

At the upper left, click New Blog.

In the discourse that shows up, enter a name or the primary title for your web journal.

Pick a site address (URL). This will be utilized by pursuers to see your web journal.

When you have a website name and address, pick a layout. Click Create blog

 Use the Blogger dashboard

The Blogger dashboard will list your websites with some fast connections on the privilege.

  • To deal with an online journal, click a web journal's title. 
  • To make another post, click New Post new post. 
  • To see your posts, click Post list post list.

For different activities, click More Options more choices

To perceive how your online journal looks, click View blog.

 Manage your blog

When you have made your web journal, you will be diverted to your online journal's dashboard where you can manufacture and deal with your site.

Outline: You can see your web journal's movement, news and tips from the Blogger group, and then some.

Compose another post: At the upper left, click new post.

You can utilize the left menu to see your posts, pages, remarks, details, oversee profit and crusades, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

View your blog

You can perceive how your website looks in two ways.

From the Blogger dashboard, click View Blog.

At the highest point of your website's dashboard, click View Blog.

When you see your online journal, a route bar will show up at the top with a few activities or alternatives you can utilize.

  • To change or deal with the route bar: 
  • Go to your web journal's dashboard.
  • Click Layout.

Under "Navbar," on the lower right, click Edit.

Get updates

To get highlight declarations, guidance, and other data to help you get the most out of your website, agree to email upgrades.

  • Sign into Blogger.
  • At the upper right, click Options alternatives.
  • Select Edit User Settings.
  • Under "Email Notifications," check "Highlight Announcements."
  • Click Save.

If you want to see first Tutorial Than click Here "How to Create Free Blog"

Credit Goes To: Waheed

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